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As a licensed community credit company, Evo Capital Solutions Sdn Bhd ensures a more conducive, secure, and transparent money lending business environment.

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Startup Capital Loan

Are you having problems paying your obligations or salary, or do you require additional funds to expand your business?

We’re here to help you flourish in business with our quick cash loan.

Pay Day Loan

If you are an employee and need a short term loan to cover an emergency expense before you receive your salary, we can provide you a short term loan. Interest is charged on daily basis and you can settle the loan when you receive your salary.

Clear bank black-list loan

Defaulting on your bank credit card, personal loan, hire purchase and housing loans not only incur penalty interest but will also put you on financial institutions black list record. Having a negative credit record will affect your ability to apply for any new loans from the banks. We can help you with a short term loan to settle vour outstanding loans with the banks to restore back your credit standing with your banks.

Secured loan

If vou can provide property as collateral, we can provide you with a secured loan from as low as 1 % per month. We can accept any property with title including property currently charged to a bank.

Don't know where to start?

Our loan consultants is ready to assist you if your ability to borrow is affected by your negative record(blacklist). Negative credit record is when your outstanding debt exceed your income repayment. Or if you have defaulted on your credit cards, personal loans, car or housing loans. Our consultants can assist you to restructure and consolidate your loans. The objective is to clean up your negative credit report restore your ability to borrow fom the banks again.

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